1320X Race Class Synopsis

All classes featured in 1320X events are designed to attract American powered vehicles that are built to compete in the true spirit of a Street Car.  In addition to the anything goes Grudge and Bracket Challenge categories used for filming short single race matches (to be edited for the internet), 1320X will have two Heads Up racing classes designed to showcase the maximum performance potential of American muscle. 

Bracket Challenge is the entry-level race class designed for any American powered vehicle.  This category is a class designed to accommodate everyone and is a standard dial-in bracket race which competes in an all-run format.

Outlaw Drag Radial is the entry level heads up class (pro qualifying ladder, 16 car field) and will allow unlimited powertrain modifications.  The limiting factor for this class will be the requirement to run a specific Drag Radial type tire.  All cars are encouraged to use factory-style suspension combinations and, the rear frame rails of the vehicle must remain intact.  This class will be full of seven-second cars, which will make for exciting races. Weight requirements will be made based on engine configuration, suspension, and power adder type.

Outlaw 10.5 is the fastest and most revered class (pro qualifying ladder, 16 car field) of 1320X having many six-second cars.  Powertrain modification is unlimited in this class and the suspension modification is unlimited from the front firewall back.  All cars must retain the stock type front suspension and are limited to a 10.5W tire.  Weight requirements will be made based on engine configuration and power adder type.

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