Have you been racing a while and feel you need something to challenge your skills? 7.00 and 6.40 classes are contested during Team Carolina races and are designed to make you slow your car down to run a certain dial in. 7.00 uses a .5 tenths "Pro" tree start, which means all 3 amber lights come on at once, and you are not allowed to run faster than 7.00 seconds. All cars use a "Throttle Stop" to slow the cars down. 6.40 utlizes a .4 tenths "Pro" tree start and you are not allowed to run faster than 6.40 seconds. Slowing a car down is sometimes much harder to do than speeding up, weather conditions play a major roll in this type racing so having alot of runs on your car is always a plus. This is some of the closest racing you will see anywhere.


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